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Simply ask Ama Chat a question on WhatsApp or
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The simplest way How it works

Ama Chat allows you to interact with a chatGPT bot over WhatsApp messenger. To get started, click on the Chat with Ama Chat button and ask Ama Chat a question or just say hi!

Some conversation starter ideas
  • Could you please write me a poem about the Kruger National Park?
  • Explain long division to a 10 year old.
  • Give me some tips to get healthier
  • Provide 10 hashtags for a beauty product launch
Safe payments with PayStack Pricing

We offer a simple on-boarding process. Simply message us on WhatsApp to ask Ama Chat your questions. Upgrade when you are ready for unlimited access.

Starter Monthly Subscription
R2900 / per month

Gain access to unlimited text messages

Pro Monthly Subscription
R4900 / per month

Gain access to unlimited text messages, Voice notes and image generation.

Pro Plus Monthly Subscription
R9900 / per month

Gain access to unlimited text messages, Voice notes and image generation using the latest GPT4 (10x smarter!).

Solo Adventurers Club Monthly Subscription
R200 / per month

Solo Adventurers Club

CricketDrills Monthly Subscription
R200 / per month

CricketDrills AI

CricketDrills (Testing) Monthly Subscription
R100 / per month

CricketDrills AI

CricketDrills Monthly Subscription
R8900 / per month

CricketDrills AI

Discover Chat GPT FAQs

What is Ama Chat?

Ama Chat is a GPT powered chatbot that can be interacted with via WhatsApp. It can be used to generate text, answer questions, and even chat with you. Think a personal assistant that can answer all your questions.

What does experimental mean?

All the AI technology is very new and is still going through a lot of refinement. What this means is that it might tell you things that are untrue and sometimes it even outright lies to you. Please use what it says carefully and do your own research. AI is extremely powerful but it still takes a critical mind and further self-study to get the most from it

Can I use Ama Chat for free?

Yes, although we do limit the number of messages you can send before requiring a subscription. You can send up to 10 messages for free or use the free chat for 5 days. After that, you will need to subscribe to a plan.

How do I get Started?

To get started simply click here or send a WhatsApp message to +27687205860 and start asking questions over WhatsApp. Once your free messages are used up, or your 5 day test period expires, you will get a prompt to subscribe for continued access.

Are my messages private?

Yes, your messages are private between you and Ama Chat. For more detailed information you can check our privacy policy.

I need help, how do I contact Ama Chat?

While chatting to an AI bot can be incredible, we understand the importance of being able to reach out to a human when required. At any point you can email for support or just to reach out.

Is the information Ama Chat provides accurate?

Ama Chat makes use of chatGPT to provide a quality experience for our users. With all AI based chat engines, it is important to understand that the information they provide could be flawed or incorrect. You can always ask Ama Chat a follow up question if you are not sure if the first answer was correct.

Can I suggest a feature?

Absolutely. Please email us on and we'll see what we can do to bring your idea to life!